Introduction to my Agenda

Today I set out my plans for the FEI, should I be elected as President.

My Agenda, called ‘Creating space for our sport – with a fresh approach’, is based on the findings of my 100-day Listening Programme, which I embarked upon to better understand the views of key stakeholders in the sport and understand what the sport needed from the FEI.

My Agenda, which is based on what you the National Federations and others across the sport have told me they want, sets out  the fresh approach that I beleive the FEI now needs and marks a break from current approach and style adopted by the incumbent leadership of the FEI. Sadly, I find the political and policy decisions that have marked the last few years disappointing.

With the support of the volunteers, the staff and the FEI community around the world, I believe we can deliver real solutions that meet the needs of the National Federations and all our stakeholders.

I have identified the five main priorities that I will address, should I be elected as president:

  1. Giving stakeholders (Federations, riders, owners, organisers) the professional support that they need – not the organisation
  2. Globalising the sport with a development policy that is all-inclusive – urging the established Federations to take responsibility
  3. Uniting the sport by getting people to respect each other’s differences
  4. Re-establishing the FEI’s image and authority and placing greater emphasis on positive news
  5. Fundamentally changing the way the FEI works in the 21st Century, with a fresh approach based on a limited set of priorities and opinions of all stakeholders in the sport.

I hope that I have demonstrated my commitment to the sport through my volunteer work, especially supporting one of the oldest shows in Europe (CHIO Rotterdam). I also led the reorganization of the Dutch National Federation, bringing 16 organisations together into one and paving the way for considerable sporting success.

This election presents an opportunity for a fresh start and a new approach to the way that the FEI is run. We need to unite as an organisation for the good of the sport. As a relative outsider I know that I am asking you to put your trust into someone whom you may know little about. However, I think that as an outsider, I can bring this organisation together, free from the constraints others face. We cannot afford to continue to look divided to the outside world.

As always, I am keen to hear your views and get your feedback on my Agenda. Do you agree with the priorities that I have identified? Is there anything else that you would like to see me address? Please feel free to leave your comments (anonymously), or email me directly at

I look forward to hearing from you in due course and hopefully we will meet in Taipei or at the World Equestrian Games.

Yours sincerely,

Henk Rottinghuis

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  1. Do any of your policies address the awful public relations situation occurring with the FEI as it pertains to abusive methods of riding and training?

    I refer of course to rolkur/hyperflexion/LDR which to most of the world, is one and the same.