Established businessman, equestrian and former Vice President of the well-respected Dutch National Federation, Henk Rottinghuis is a candidate for the position of President of the Fédération Equestre Internationale.

The references below are from leading individuals in the business and sporting world, who commend Mr Rottinghuis’ impressive business acumen and personal commitment to the equestrian world.

The North America Riders Group Supports Henk Rottinghuis for the Presidency of the FEI

Henk’s successful business and leadership skills combined with his dedication to equestrian sport make him NARG’s candidate for FEI President. We know how important these skills are to reforming and improving any organization. We feel strongly that the FEI needs a President with an understanding of targeted development and a foundation in business process. His views mirror many of our initiatives at NARG and we believe his leadership will improve our sport worldwide. We also respect his process to solicit input through membership surveys to help form his platform.

Henk’s main agenda items include:

  • Giving stakeholders (Federations, riders, owners, organizers) the professional support that they need.
  • Globalizing the sport with a development policy that is all-inclusive.
  • Uniting the sport by getting people to respect each other’s differences.
  • Fundamentally changing the way the FEI works in the 21st Century based on a limited set of priorities and opinions of all stakeholders in the sport.
  • Broadening the welfare discussion far beyond clean sport. It should include horse management at all levels of the sport, disease control and clean sport.
  • Restoring the financial equilibrium the FEI enjoyed before 2006.
  • Developing a clear set of priorities; cutting 25% of present projects and initiatives. Do less, but do it well.
  • Creating a new board structure within a year to balance representation and expertise. Adding Regional offices in three continents.

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